Vegan Indian Food Melbourne

Vegan Indian Food Melbourne

Heard of the city’s latest food trend? Let’s fill you in. Curry Smuggler is one of the finest vegan Indian restaurant Melbourne, best renowned for serving the most authentic, fresh & healthy vegan dishes in Melbourne. Many are still not aware of the taste and benefits of the vegan cuisine. One visit to this Vegan food heaven and you’re left spellbound. This now is an open invitation where we tell you about the efficacy of Vegan virtues.

A vegan diet! More and more people are turning vegan these days for the sake of their health, environment, and even ethics. A vegan diet is different from a vegetarian diet and rich in nutrients and minerals. A vegan undergoing a Vegan diet is a person is the one who abstains from the consumption of flesh and dairy products throughout the year. For eg., the Vegan diet advises a person to eat tofu instead of cottage cheese and coconut milk instead of cream.

If followed religiously, a Vegan diet can do wonders to a human body resulting in controlled blood sugar levels and healthy body weight. Many Indian restaurants owners have come forward to promote the healthy eating trend,

Why you should consider turning into a proud Vegan?

  • Zero Animal Fats – Prohibiting animal fat consumption completely can actually save you from serious health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, and many more. Whereas, vegan food at Vegan Indian Takeaway Melbourne will shower you with many health benefits!
  • Healthy Heart – Proteins and vitamins found in vegetables and other veg products can bless you with a healthy heart. Whereas, animal products consumption can make you vulnerable to such diseases! Vegans are at a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes and you too can be one of it!
  • Better Bone Health – Bones are the foundation of a human body and vitamin B, vitamin D, magnesium, and potassium are the major calcium sources for it. You can expect a better bone density by consuming Vegan Restaurant Melbourne items like tofu, soya milk, turnips green, kale, spinach, and figs.
  • Lower Cancer Risk – Adopting a full-time Indian Vegan Melbourne diet can help you averting prostate and colorectal cancer risks. A vegan diet is filled with vegetables, fruits, vitamin C, and fiber that can protect you from such risk.
  • Hedge against Chronic Diseases – Do you know that Type 2 Diabetes is one of the deadliest chronic diseases in the world right now? And apart from an unhealthy lifestyle, animal products are also a great contributor to it. So adopt a Vegan Indian Menu Melbourne to get rid of this risk!

Treat yourself with the lip-smacking vegan dishes at the best and exclusive Vegan Indian restaurants Melbourne CBD! Some of the world’s best Vegan chefs are associated with Curry Smuggler. Vegan food not only helps in reducing excess weight but can also detoxify your body with lethal cancer-causing components. You can opt for easy dine in or take away options here.
So what are you waiting for? Book yourself a treat this weekend and indulge in the goodness of being Vegan.



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