What is Indian Vegan Food and Why it is So Popular

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What is Indian Vegan Food and Why it is So Popular

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Looking for Indian vegan food Melbourne? Well, you are not alone. People worldwide are craving for nutrition in their superfast lives. Striking a balance between work life and personal life is getting crucial day-by-day. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food culture has its sets of pros and cons.

Fast food culture is steadily making people vulnerable to many deadly diseases. Veganism was introduced in the year 1944. It is a revolutionary diet program that excludes eggs, meat, dairy products, and other animal products.

Apart from food, Indian vegans avoid usage of products made from animal cruelty and exploitation. The vegans believe this is their contribution to the environment, animal health, human health, and towards their faith. A pure vegan also avoids food processed from animal products like some specific wines and white sugar.

In other words, a vegan is a person who has opted for non-animal products and aims to reduce animal exploitation in the world.

What is Indian Vegan Food?

Even though Indian cuisine is known for its lip-smacking delicacies, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, it also offers some of the best vegan-friendly dishes. So if you are looking forward to a healthy meal filled with green leafy veggies, and proteins, don’t miss out to try recipes in a vegan-friendly restaurant Melbourne.

  •       Coconut – Coconut is a popular and the most innovative vegan food item ever. The products derived from coconut, cream, oil, and milk are widely used in the vegan recipes. Vegan ice creams and puddings are made from coconut milk and cream. Coconuts are loaded with proteins, carbohydrates, manganese, copper, iron, and antioxidants, making it a healthy food option.
  •       Substitute for Naan – If you are a naan lover, vegan has an alternative for this as well. You can ask your chef to serve you vegan-friendly whole-wheat bread only. Indian cuisine dishes are served rotis, puris, or chapattis. These are baked and fried wheat flour bread. However, make sure you clarify that you need these bread without ghee brushing.
  •       Appetizers –Vegetable samosas, pakoras, and rolls are popular Indian vegan-friendly food items. These are generally served with green coriander chutneys, making it more healthy and delicious. For sides, go for saag, which is made from spinach or corn spinach gravy when eating Indian vegan Melbourne.

Why Do People Turn Vegan?

Ever wondered why Indian vegan food Melbourne has started becoming so popular in the last few years? Keep reading on to understand the main reasons behind its popularity.

  •       For their Health– Many people are turning vegan to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Vegan food is filled with antioxidants, fibre, and other beneficial compounds. They offer a high amount of folic acid, magnesium, vitamins A, E, and C, protein, and potassium. All these nutrients are crucial to keep some deadly diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, obesity, and cancers at bay.
  •       It is Ethical – Vegans believe that every creature on the earth has a right to freedom and life. Doing atrocities on them for the pleasure of humans is considered highly unethical when better alternatives are available for humans. People are welcoming this thought with open arms.
  •       For the Environment– Rising pollution levels in the world needs no introduction! Vegans believe in boycotting animal products to reduce the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. This is a significant source of chemical emissions along with excess water consumption and deforestation, as large forest areas are ruined for pasture or cropland.

Food served in Indian vegan food Melbourne is not just limited to tofu and soy milk! There are many delicious options available in this cuisine as well. You can eat lots of fruits, veggies, pasta, dishes, and sandwiches. Also, you can easily get vegan meat, vegan cheese, and vegan desserts at the stores.

So, every time you place an order makes sure you include a lot of fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, lentils, and seeds. You see, going vegan is much easier now. It is becoming a mainstream and people have started acknowledging the benefits of this lifestyle. Don’t rush to jump from a non-vegetarian diet to vegan directly. Switch to a vegetarian diet first, and then vegan after some time!

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