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Indian Food Melbourne CBD

Curry Smuggler is an authentic Indian restaurant that provides fresh tasting Indian cuisine derived from the best that the country has to provide. We have everything that you can possibly want and desire when it comes to original Indian recipes and quality ingredients, we offer some of the best Indian recipes and pure ingredients that you could possibly imagine. When it comes to finding quality Indian food in Melbourne CBD we offer high quality Indian recipes designed to provide the rich and deep flavor that our visitors expect.

We have some of the best Tandoori food near Melbourne CBD, we encompass the traditional values and deep Indian flavors that everyone should expect from our classically inspired Indian dishes. Our wide array of meals are modeled after North Indian cuisine that has been infused with rich flavors and bold tasting spices freshly picked specifically by our team of culinary experts. With our dedicated team of expert chefs we are able to uniquely craft traditional Indian meals that are enriched with all of the fresh ingredients and great tasting compliments that you would expect from your favorite Indian cuisine.

We are the top Indian restaurant with an entire slew of great food options and other great compliments we strive to provide grade A service standards and authentic Indian food to anyone who is seeking to satisfy their taste buds. Our Indian food home delivery service has some of the best fine tasting spices and rich flavors that anyone would want. At Curry Smuggler we want all of our customers to appreciate the time and love that we put into our meals, that is why we offer luxury dining experiences and fine North Indian cuisine that encompasses the finest that the country has to offer. If want quality Indian takeaway food then we encourage you to come out and try our authentic Indian cuisine today.



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