Indian Food Kew

If you are in the mood for some fine Indian cuisine and live in or near Kew then Curry Smuggler welcomes you to come out and try some our fine authentic Indian cuisine that encompasses fresh ingredients and traditional Indian flavors. We offer a wide selection of great dishes that are made from fresh ingredients that we import straight from India. Our recipes are derived from Indian traditions that have existed for centuries and still carry a powerful flavor in this time. If you have not yet experienced the taste of our delicious Tandoori food then I would highly suggest that you consider going online and looking at our menu in order to explore our variety of options.

We offer Indian food home delivery service to all of the suburbs near and around Fitzroy. Whenever you are in the mood for fresh Indian food we have a wide selection of great meals for you and your entire family to enjoy. Curry Smuggler was created with the vision in mind to provide people living in or near the city with an authentic Indian restaurant that offers high quality ingredients and fresh tasting meal options designed to provoke the feeling of traditional Indian cooking. We offer all of our dishes as Indian takeaway food to ensure that you get the meal you want anytime you need it.

We offer several meal options that span a wide range of flavors and classic recipes that derive from traditional Indian classics. Our restaurant services all of Kew and it’s nearby suburbs with high quality Indian dishes that are made from pure ingredients imported from India. We have every type of dish imaginable available to our customers who want to experience traditional Indian food and cooking. Whether it be rice, chicken, or desert we have it all and can provide you with your hearts desires anytime you choose to dine with us. Our authentic North Indian cuisine the authentic Indian restaurant that you’ve always desired.



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