Indian Food Collingwood

Curry Smuggler is a brand new Indian restaurant that aims to please all of the desires that our customers have where they pertain to authentic Indian cuisine and traditional recipes. Our team of highly trained staff members are skilled in the art of crafting authentic Indian meals that have their roots in old traditions and cultural rituals. Our staff members are dedicated to providing you with the best ingredients imported directly from India in order to allow us to craft authentic meals each and every time you decide to dine with us.

Our unique recipes are created by combining traditional ingredients with new flavors in order to add contrast between the rich flavors of the old and the exciting taste of the new. We have several great options available to suit the desires and needs of any of our customers who are considering visiting us in order to receive a taste of our fine dining experience. We are only beginning to expand on our culinary style and menu options, we have Tandoori food with plans to implement many new dishes and side varieties along the way. Our Indian takeaway food gives you the same options as if you were dining in person in order to enable you to get the meal you want anytime. We have some of the finest North Indian cuisine in Collingwood and encourage you to come out and try it.

What sets our Indian food apart is that of originality and authenticity, we import fresh ingredients directly from India in order to infuse our recipes with the deep billowing flavor that our customers desire from our food. We have studied many different recipes over the years in order to enable us to provide our customers with fresh tasting ingredients and delicious meals all the time. We understand that convenience is important to our customers that is why we offer Indian food home delivery service to everyone who is living in or near the suburb of Collingwood. We are the top restaurant in Collingwood that offers authentic Indian style food to meet all of your desires. If you are in the mood for some great tasting Indian food then consider going online in order to read our menu and find out about some of the various dishes that we offer.



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