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Curry Smuggler is a high quality Indian restaurant designed with customer satisfaction and high quality ingredients in mind. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with only the best that Indian cuisine has to offer, our high quality ingredients imported directly from the source provide a dining experience and taste that you will simply not find anywhere else. If you live in or near the suburb of Clifton Hill and want a taste of authentic Indian cuisine without going outside then you should take a look at our menu and choose the convenient Indian food home delivery option that we provide.

Our unique recipes are derived from traditional cooking methods that infuse our dishes with rich taste and powerful flavor. We offer the finest Tandoori food and a wide array of other fine dishes that have their origins in traditional Indian cooking methods and recipes. Our North Indian cuisine is crafted with the finest quality ingredients imported directly from the homeland in order to make sure that all of our dishes meet strict quality obligations and guarantee a deliciously fresh tasting dining experience every single time.

We all know how much of a hassle it can be to go out of your home in order to experience the fine dining pleasures that you desire, that is why we offer Indian food home delivery service to all of our customers who may be interested in tasting our wonderful traditional Indian food. We have some of the best tasting Indian takeaway food near Clifton Hill, we offer a luxury dining experience coupled with traditional Indian cuisine that is like that of none other.

We offer the best authentic Indian cuisine, if you are in the mood for a refreshing taste of some original, great tasting, and traditional Indian food infused with rich spices and deep flavors then I would highly suggest you come out and give Curry Smuggler a try.



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