Best Indian Restaurant Fitzroy

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September 18, 2019

Best Indian Restaurant Fitzroy

Indian food, well-known for its royal richness and unity-in-diversity, is a unique combination of rare aromatic species and inviting colors that offer great taste to the individuals who have a knack for food. Exclusively ranging from the beautiful North Indian cuisines to the mouth-watering South Indian delicacies, there is simply an array of Indian cuisine options to choose from. So, how do you find the best Indian Restaurant Fitzroy that can promise to offer an amazing Indian food experience?

Located in Brunswick, Fitzroy, Curry Smuggler is a contemporary Indian restaurant that is specially designed with a conventional Indian twist in mind. We, at Curry Smuggler, offer great space with a unique ambiance to all our guests who’re seeking refinement and comfort while dining. Our services are dedicated towards catering the needs of our customers. We offer outstanding services with the help of our staff members to help our guests enjoy a fine-dining experience along with our wide range of deliciously crafted Indian meals that are out of this world.

We Offer a Traditional Indian Menu

Unlike most Indian restaurants outside the Indian shore that offer fusion Indian delicacies to their customers, we, at Curry Smuggler, offer an authentic traditional Indian menu to all our guests. We offer a complete range of traditional Indian dishes to enable our customers to experience the real Indian flavor. Some of our exclusive and authentic Indian dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Butter cream, Tandoori Chicken, Mutter Mushroom, Tawa Chicken, Dal Tikka, and Chicken Korma.

Enjoy The Real Indian Taste

You see, finding an Indian restaurant outside the shores of India is not a problem. However, locating the best Indian restaurant with real and unique Indian taste is the major problem for many Indian cuisine lovers. So, if you are tempted to fall for the real Indian taste, then you can simply visit Curry Smuggler, one of the finest Indian style Fitzroy Restaurants. We, at Curry Smuggler, offer real Indian cuisines that are usually a combination of royal richness, aromatic species, beautiful colors, and thick gravies, in order to help our customers know how the real Indian food tastes.

Fantastic Ambiance

Curry Smuggler, one of the Best Restaurants Fitzroy, offers a beautiful place to its guests along with a fantastic view and relaxing, comfortable ambiance. The staff members at Curry Smuggler are extremely supportive, courteous, and friendly. All these features eventually make us an actual Indian restaurant.

The ambiance of Curry Smuggler’s dining space is marvelous and its atmosphere, décor, and settings perfectly match the startling taste of rich Indian cuisines. The ability of our restaurant to combine all essential elements effortlessly eventually results in a better dining experience for our customers.

With our main goal to provide healthy and tasty food together with happiness to all our customers, we at Curry Smuggler offer extreme flexibility and tend to make essential arrangements in order to meet the personal needs of our guests and customers.

Our team of culinary experts strives to create unique and appetizing traditional Indian cuisines to help our guests experience the real Indian taste. Our main chef ingeniously creates the entire menu and prepares every Indian recipe carefully in order to bring out the best flavor in every ingredient. We also offer an inclusive range of Indian vegetarian cuisines that are truly inspired by the royal richness and diverse taste of Indian delicacies, and it eventually makes us the best Fitzroy Vegan Restaurant.

At Curry Smuggler, we can easily accommodate up to 0 to 90 people for canapé events alongside offering exclusive tailor drink and venue hire packages to suit the budget of our customers. We also allow our customers to play their own music as well as decorate the venue according to their likes and preferences. Being a perfect place for corporate events, birthdays, workshops, and intimate wedding receptions, we at Curry Smuggler always strive to enable our guests to enjoy exclusive Indian cuisines and delicacies with their friends and family in a peaceful ambiance.

Curry Smuggler is an authentic Indian style restaurant that strives to serve the best Indian cuisines to its customers along with all beautiful spices and aromatic seasonings. Visit us to explore the complete range of best Indian delicacies that we have to offer.

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