A Little Bit About


Curry Smuggler is an Indian style restaurant in Fitzroy that offers all of the beautiful spices and aromatic seasonings you would expect from an authentic Indian restaurant Fitzroy. We serve authentic Indian cuisine that encompasses the best that the country has to offer. We specialize in preparing fine meals for a variety of customers who are seeking both a formal dining experience and a quick bite to eat. We have an inventory filled with some of the rarest and most exotic spices that India has to offer, when you visit Curry Smuggler restaurant Fitzroy you will be astonished at the amount of flavor packed into our meals.

Our Approach


You may be asking yourself why we chose to go with the name “Curry Smuggler” and our answer is quite simple. When it comes to exotic ingredients or any other type of foreign import item you must undergo strict procedural guidelines in order to fly them into your country, which is why we chose the name “Curry Smuggler.”


Curry Smuggler is a modern Indian restaurant designed with a traditional Indian twist in mind, our unique atmosphere and space is great for anyone who is seeking comfort and refinement when dining. We offer service to cater to the needs of every consumer and without these very principles we wouldn’t feel comfortable being in operation. We offer outstanding service that is ranked number one in the industry, with the help of our staff you will be able to experience fine dining and deliciously crafted meals that are out of this world.

We started Curry Smuggler out of our innate passion for high quality exotic spices and recipes. We have seem so many attempts at what claim to be “authentic Indian” food restaurants over the years that we decided to take the mission into our own hands in order to deliver the quality and fresh tasting Indian cuisine that every consumer deserves. Curry Smuggler has some of the best Indian cuisine in Melbourne.

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